The Eastern Costa del Sol is an unbeatable location. A quick glance at its natural spaces, varied cuisine and rich cultural and artistic heritage makes this clear, but there’s another compelling reason that makes Axarquia a highly sought-after holiday destination in Spain: its beautiful beaches and the Mediterranean Sea. On the Eastern Costa del Sol’s beaches you can enjoy mile after mile of sand, ranging from tiny bays with crystal-clear water and spectacular cliffs, to beaches with tropical surroundings. Out of all of them, the pretty beaches of Nerja and the fabulous stretches of sand at Torrox Costa stand out. They are all idyllic – particularly the Nerja bays, and are among the nicest on the Costa del Sol. Because of this, as well as the 325 days of sunshine per year, it’s no surprise that it has become one of the most popular year-round destinations.

Torrox Costa beaches

Torrox Costa beaches

Spending a day on the beach at Calaceite, located in Torrox, is an unbeatable experience, particularly if you fancy a relaxing day in great natural surroundings. Here you will find a calm beach with dark sand, 400 metres long and 40 wide.

Of course, as this beach lies within a protected area there aren’t as many local services as would be found on an urban beach, but there is still a wide range of sport, leisure and relaxation options.

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Peñoncillo-Mazagarrobo beach is long – around 1400 metres – and has a width of 30 metres. This beach only normally experiences a moderate swell, making it perfect for bathing. Its roadside location means that access is very quick and easy.

These beaches don’t tend to get too busy, so they have limited services. However, you can get anything you need quickly from the town of Torrox, which is close by.

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El Morche Beach is the perfect place to relax in the sun and enjoy a refreshing dip. It’s an urban beach with a seafront promenade and all necessary services, as well as access suitable for people with reduced mobility. This is an ideal beach for families, as there are always plenty of children and young people around playing beach tennis or taking a dip.

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Las Lindes or Ferrara beach can be accessed from the seafront promenade. Its waters are calm and all visitors can enjoy dark sand and family-friendly surroundings. It has all services that you might need and it is relatively close to several restaurants and beach bars. In addition, basketball and volleyball courts are available here, along with an exercise area. If you’re feeling more adventurous, it’s also possible to enjoy several different water sports.

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El Cenicero beach is a long sand spit located in the Morche area. It is a fairly quiet beach, making it perfect for spending a relaxing day under Malaga’s sun. The fact that it is quiet doesn’t mean that visitors are not offered all of the services that they might need, from different eating options and leisure activities to a range of sports.

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Nerja beaches

Calahonda beach is located beneath Balcón de Europa and it can be accessed along the “Boquete de Calahonda” path at the end of calle Puerta del Mar. It is considered as one of the coast’s most emblematic beaches. Calm, crystal-clear waters can be enjoyed here, which contrast nicely with the dark sand on the beach to create a miniature paradise.

This beach has services such as a lifeguard, sun bed rental, beach bars and parking. It is particularly recommended for families and anybody who enjoys watching one of the area’s best sunsets.

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Burriana is a long, sandy and very famous beach, as the renowned TV series “Verano Azul” was filmed here in the 80s. It features a seafront promenade with services such as lifeguards and companies offering a range of different water sports.

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Maro is one of Europe’s best beaches. It is a small beach with crystal-clear water, nestled among the cliffs right in the heart of an area of outstanding natural beauty. It is a perfect place to get away from the heat of summer and to contemplate all that it has to offer. From among the range of services, don’t miss taking a dip in the turquoise waters and diving down to discover the active marine life just off the coast. Here you can also enjoy restaurants and sun beds, etc.

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El Playazo beach lies to the west of Nerja and is the longest in the area, meaning that you’ll always find a spot even when it’s at its busiest. A notable feature of this beach is that it is relatively unspoilt, and small-scale sugar cane plantations can even be found alongside it. In addition, it and Burriana are where Midsummer Eve is normally celebrated.

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Just like Burriana, this is one of the busiest beaches in Axarquia and it is no surprise that it is awarded the Q for Quality and the prestigious blue flag every year.

This beach is around 300 metres long and 40 wide and has all of the services that you might need, from kiosks and shops to disabled access and sun beds.

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